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Transformational embodied coaching that reconnects you to yourself and the world.

Are you ready for things to change?

Maybe you know intellectually that everything is connected in the beautiful web of Life but do you honestly feel like that on a day-to-day basis?

Perhaps you feel there is something missing, an emptiness in you and a hole in modern consumer culture. You feel a lack of meaning and connectivity as if somehow you’re on the outside of Life looking in, desperate to feel a part of the world but not sure how.

You may have tried to fill that hole with lots of activity and distraction. You might be busy working hard, trying to improve yourself and your life, your community or even the world. Or you might be distracting yourself from the pain you're feeling via screens, thrill-seeking, or intoxicants.

Things might even feel better for a while, but you can only keep this effort up for so long before you run out of willpower and run out of energy. It's exhausting! And as a result, you're suffering. Perhaps burnout, anxiety, depression, frustration, fatigue, and hollowness creep back in.

The problem is you have been going about this the wrong way. Constantly looking “out there” for a solution that can only be found “in here”.

The solution is to remember, recognise and reinhabit that part of us that we forgot about. Our Being.

And we do that by learning to feel again; to come back into deep contact with our body and through our body with the World. 

You can't think your way to connection and wholeness, you need to feel your way back.

The process of becoming Earthbound is inside-out not outside-in.

We can guide you skillfully in that process because we know the territory intimately. We’ve suffered our fair share in the past and we have relearned a profound way to be and a way to live that really helps. This deep shift in perceiving, allows you to heal, to grow, to begin to feel fully connected and fully empowered. This is a felt-sense of belonging and kinship that brings new energy, purpose, meaning and engagement with the world and will profoundly and positively transform your experience of being alive.

It’s a beautiful process of relaxing and unfolding that helps you shift from feeling hollow to feeling whole and from feeling contracted and separate to feeling connected. As professional coaches and empathetic fellow human beings, let us guide you back to the wholeness of Life.

If you are ready for things to change then let's begin together.

Book a free 30 minute discovery call

Book a free 30-minute discovery call for us to meet and to explore if Earthbound coaching is a good fit for you and for you to ask any questions you have.

What's a coaching session like?

Sessions normally last 90 minutes and are held via video call online. Sessions usually involve a combination of guided somatic (body/sensation based) meditation, embodiment (interoception/exteroception) work and transpersonal (beyond the small egoic self) psychological inquiry.

The emphasis is always on tuning into our grounded presence and recognising our intrinsic wholeness first and from there enquiring gently and compassionately into what, if anything, needs to be healed or what is willing to shift.

The powerful transformation possible within sessions is supported by a daily personal practice of "bodyfulness" between coaching appointments. This is where the long lasting transformation is stabilised and embodied. I will help you tailor a personal embodied meditation practice and a moment to moment presencing practice. Without this element of personal practice, transpersonal coaching can offer profound insight, but with this daily practice, it becomes truly life-changing.

coaching testimonials

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I felt stuck and now I feel flow again, lighter, more spacious and more balanced or in tune with the bigger whole.

Thank you very much for your time and tools, for your lovely holding of the space and wizardry.

There are bees swarming today so I am going to catch them! I feel in the right mood to attract them to my hives.

— Barbara, Croatia

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Dan has a wonderfully friendly, calm warmth about him that made it easy to open up and share what was really going on with me. 

With his help and guidance I was able to reach understandings about my thinking and behaviours that have led to me feeling a lot more whole and content within my sense of self. 

I find his embodied approach to transpersonal awareness very centering and produces powerful results that really have helped me move forward with my life.

— Harriet, UK

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I am so thrilled to have been able to work with Dan in this way. The idea of transpersonal coaching was new to me but it has allowed me to feel more connected in all areas of my life. Some negative and debilitating thought and behaviour patterns that have repeated for years and had impacted my day to day life have simply dissolved.

Decision making is easier as I am learning to confidently feel what is truly meaningful for me. I have been shocked by how powerfully answers have been felt during the embodied process and how impactful this clarity has been, bringing a calm and greater feelings of presence even into busy and stressful work situations. I have also felt more deeply connected to family and friends and more accepting of myself; this has been joyous.

— Miriam, UK

How I transformed my experience of being alive and how I can help you do the same.

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm a certified transpersonal psychology coach and embodied meditation teacher. I've been a lifelong seeker of meaning and a long term, practitioner of meditation. (My mum took me to learn Transcendental Meditation when I was 5 years old and I'm in my mid-forties now!)

But like so many others, I've had my fair share of ups and downs. Bouts of depression and anxiety, issues with severe fatigue, and a past unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Underlying all that seeking, there was a profound and painful longing, an intangible homesickness for something deeper, something whole, something connected and alive.

That unconscious yearning caused me to suffer, to feel different, to question the crazy industrial culture of absence we live in, to feel separate and often alone. 

I made lots of external changes to my life to try to remedy this. I discovered permaculture and a deep ecological perspective on life and I threw myself into it, designing and running ethical businesses and homesteading with my wife, Johanna. But in the end, crucial though this experience has been, it only got me so far. I kept rubbing up against the container of my small self, of my psychological conditioning, of this feeling that I was on the outside of Life looking in.

It took a final, severely debilitating energy illness to bring about the shift that has changed everything for me. I discovered how truly disconnected I was from my body, from my fuller Self and from the web of life. But most importantly I discovered how to reconnect, how to heal and how to mature in the process.

Through a fully embodied meditation practice combined with transpersonal psychological enquiry and emotional processing work, I have now regulated my once fried nervous system. Where there used to be a wild electrical storm inside me when I closed my eyes and checked in, now there is peace and spaciousness. 

I've released lifelong psychological constrictions that used to play out in endless unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns. And I've done all this by connecting deeply with my body and from there to an ever-growing sense of fundamental groundedness, spaciousness, open-heartedness and alignment. I now feel increasingly on the inside of Life, connected, safe and present.

So I trained to professionally and skillfully facilitate that same process of transformation in others as I know there is such need in the world and I know it works. 

I found an approach that is truly transformational and I want to help you to find the same. 

If you resonate with what I've shared and feel you are finally ready to discover deep embodiment, meaningful transformation and the joy of being alive as you learn to shift from absence to presence, then let's work together.

With gratitude,


Certification and Accreditation

I am a professionally trained and fully certified Transpersonal Psychology Coach and am accredited to coach worldwide by The International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM).

I am also a certified Subtle Energy Meditation (embodied nondual meditation) teacher and a Yoga Alliance certified breathwork instructor.

I am a member of the Transpersonal Coaching & Therapy Network (TCTN) and on the editorial board of the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Journal.

I am bound by and adhere to a strict code of ethical conduct in my work with clients.