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About us

Dan McTiernan
Johanna McTiernan

We think it was the six months we spent with subsistence homesteaders in the mountains of Nepal eighteen years ago that started our process of descent. Descent feels like a good word to describe the route back to the planet, to our natural humanity. Paring back, deepening, unlearning and re-skilling, reconnecting. Slowly Earthbinding.

Johanna is a qualified Nature Connection Facilitator, Dan is an internationally certified Transpersonal Psychology Coach and we are both trained and certified embodied meditation teachers (Subtle Energy Meditation).

We’ve been permaculture designers, homesteaders and teachers since 2008 and have also founded an award-winning permaculture bakery in the UK, farmed a regenerative olive and almond project in Catalunya Spain, and now live on a small rural homestead in Johanna’s native Finland where we raise food and our two boys.

We started Earthbound to facilitate and support deep regenerative transformation in people and to create a community that feels like a hearth, a place to learn to be our authentic Selves so that we might better serve Life.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dan and Johanna